Leading market innovation and enhancing user experience Establish long-term cooperative relations with global mainstream host manufacturers

Business objectives

Business plan

Business objectives

Build momentum

Relying on the technological research and development and accumulation of high-precision lenses for more than a decade, it has more than 3,500 core patents in the field of optics, ranking among the top in the world.


Create revolutionary WLG design and mass production solutions to better improve the user experience by using better optical properties of glass materials.


As the world's leading optical products and solutions provider, our goal is to become a global optical industry leader.


Create higher value-added optical products, improve optical ecological chains, and promote the sustainable development of the company.

Specific goals

• Provide customers with comprehensive optical solutions with leading proprietary technology and fully vertically integrated production capacity.

• Relying on high-end optical lenses, periscope camera modules, imaging algorithms and other technologies to become a leading integrated solution provider in the optical technology industry

Business plan

Actively layout of automotive optics,

Promote the intelligent manufacturing industrial park project quickly.

Accelerate universal access.

We will accelerate the popularization of the WLG lens market in the future.

Active development

Actively develop lens anti-shake system and camera module solutions.

Technological innovation

Accelerate technological innovation, expand market opportunities in the fields of AR/VR, on-vehicle lens and 3D/biometrics filed, and unleashing the leading edge.

Slide Globalization of SMA R&D strategy layout Provide superior VCM
alternatives to customers
Strategic cooperation with
Saes Group, Nitinol supplier
ASG of Germany has become our R&D partner of SMA

AST Wholly-owned acquisition of ASG's Taiwan subsidiary AST
= + + 与Nitinol供应商Saesgroup达成战略合作






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